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If you are a lucky owner of an excellent helper in hot weather – air conditioner, then you need to know more about it and its work. And if you found yourself on, it means that your were looking for air conditioner manuals and guides, and this is the place, where you can find them, no matter what brand you have.

Main Delusion about Air Conditioners

There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions around the topic of proper maintenance and use of air conditioners. It is simply impossible not to talk about this, and not to mention several examples. First of all, we want to note that each person has own requirements for temperature and humidity in the room, everyone’s comfort is different. So it is better you look through air conditioner user guides and learn how to use it, not to make any mistakes when selecting and installing. For example, if you put a low temperature on the air conditioner when it is + 30 ° C outside, it is very easy to catch a cold.

Air Conditioners - Bacteria Vector!?

For the first time this phenomenon was discussed in the mid 70's - early 80's, when it was discovered that the whole colonies of bacteria could easily settle in the irrigation compartment and channel systems, where it is always humid and warm. Demanding Europeans sounded the alarm, but as it turned out, in vain. With regular cleaning and changing the filter the bacteria is not detected, this is the main rule which can be found in air conditioner directories.

In the drain tub of the household air conditioners due to a dirty filter can appear unpleasant odor and harmful bacteria. Particularly susceptible in this case are window air conditioners, three-quarters of which is located outside and soak up the dust from the street. Therefore, the majority of air conditioners should be cleaned at least once a month and the filter should be changed timely. In some modern models of air conditioners there are self-cleaning filters, which require cleaning and filter replacement less frequently. Find which one is yours on in useful air conditioner handbook instructions.

How Long Can an Air Conditioner Work?

In the early 90s, when the boom on the climate technique has only just started, the air conditioner endurance was evaluated as 8-10 years depending on the brand, capacity and operating conditions. But over the short period of time some users had managed to buy and change their equipment several times. If we exclude the cases of factory defects and the appearance of cheap product, we can recognize three main reasons for the rapid failure: the first - a mistake when choosing equipment; second - unqualified installation; third reason - the savings on maintenance. But air conditioning, like a car, should be subject to regular inspection by certified firms, and this is not only timely cleaning of filters that can be run independently.

The complex of service work includes a mandatory inspection of the refrigerant circuit tightness, lubrication of ventilators bearings, and check of the electrical system components. If necessary, the heat exchanger unit is dry-cleaned and the system is refilled with Freon. And of course it is cleaning of the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit. Sometimes it is so packed with poplar fluff and dust that the circulation is violated and the compressor seriously breaks down due to the overheating. Based on service centers estimations this reason is one third of all premature failures.

We hope that after reading these air conditioning user guides and manuals you will be able to avoid some mistakes when purchasing and operating the air conditioner of any brand for a long time, and it will delight you with its work, creating comfortable conditions for work and leisure.

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