Get rid off from the flying termites effectively and at low cost

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There are some living creatures that are highly annoying to the human being that are nothing but the insects.These insects usually spoil the foods and are actually the main reason behind causing the various kinds of diseases. There are different kinds of insects that annoy the human being to a large extent; one of such is the termites which are harmful not only to the human beings but also to the trees, timber, and woods. These insects usually penetrate into the wood by making a hole and destroy the entire wood.


These insects usually live in colonies and feed on wood materials, thus, these insects are considered to be the dangerous ones. They mostly look like the flying ants but the flying termites are more harmful than the flying ants. In considering the harmfulness of these insects, it is more important to eradicate these insects out of your home or living place. There are a lot of proven methods that are helpful in eradicating these; some of the methods are given at PESTWIKI which is the easily accessible website and the methods mentioned over there is very much cost effective as well as simple.

How do these termites look like?

The termites look same as the ants; there are some essential components that could help you in identifying them. The antennae are the first and foremost part of termite that could be seen easily when compared to ants these termites have the antennae in their body. The termites’ waist is straight but will not be thinner as like the ants. Another best thing that could help in differentiating the ant is that the length of the wing, the ants have the different wing lengths whereas the termites have the wings of the same length.

Some of the effective methods to get rid of the termites from your home

The flying termites are the most annoying creatures that could affect the woods, timbers, trees, etc. Thus, in order to protect them from these insects, it is better to follow the below-mentioned eradication methods which are very effective.

Using of electric insect killer- Like every other insect, these termites will also love the brightness of the light. Thus, it is better to use the electric insect killer that helps in attracting the insects because of the brightness produced by it and kill them by the electric current passing on it. One can even switch off the lights at your home thereby reducing the number of termites from entering your home.

Using the orange oil spray- The orange oil is considered to be the most effective eradication method. When you spray this orange oil on the termites then they will die because of the harsh smell that comes from the citrus fruit. You can even apply this oil to your furniture and also in the drill holes that are present in the wall where the termites live.

Taking some drastic actions- Some kinds of actions like flooring the soil landscape, removing the wood stumps, using the cedar mulch in the landscapes are some of the effective and affordable methods that are helpful in eradicating the insects.

Amazing Developments in Technology in the field of Health


Role of Technology in the field of health:

Technology is a very important part of day to day life. We are dependent on technology in all fields of like engineering, finance, entertainment, art and even health. Advancements in technology has played a major role in providing better health care services to patients with proper diagnosis and treatment techniques.
These technological advancements include from robotics to colourful tumour markers, from vein detectors to prosthesis developments. They are the part of innovation by brilliant human mind for easier and smoother operating in the field of health care.

Advancements in technology for health sector: Some of the advancements in health sector include-

Robotic nurse assistants

Sometimes while lifting humans, nurses may face injuries due to improper strength. To avoid these injuries, technology has designed variety of assistants from a full robot such as RIBA (Robot for Interactive Body Assistance) developed by RIKEN and Tokai Rubber Industries and assisted hardware such as HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) robot suits delivered by Cyberdyne. RIBA is the first robot that can lift up or settle down an ill person from or to a bed or wheelchair. RIBA performs this using its strong human-like designed arms and by innovative tactile guidance methods using highly accurate tactile sensors.

Tooth regeneration

Dentures and dental implants will soon vanish as it will be possible to regenerate teeth by use of stem cell multiplication and these cells repair tissues by dividing continually either as a new stem cell or as a cell with a specific activity, such as a red blood cell, a skin cell, or a muscle cell. This is a magnificent advancement as many people lose their teeth due to improper care and increased age.

Tumour markers

Using fluorescent contrast agents enables complete tumour excision during brain cancer surgery. This causes illumination of brain tumours in real-time during surgery, helping physicians clearly distinguish between healthy and cancerous tissue.

Multifunctional band aids

These are polymer based bandages and are highly compatible with human body and contains sensors and medication delivery devices to continue monitoring and delivery of medicines both internally and externally. It can heal small wounds to ulcers.

Transilluminator vein finder

Holding this device above skin helps to detect and display whole vasculature above skin. It is easy to use and saves a lot of time for both nurses and doctors for venepuncture. It is beneficial to use in elderly patients, obese people or dark skinned people where it is difficult to find veins for collection of blood or injecting injection. This device is portable, lightweight and works on rechargeable battery. Proper evaluation of vein position with illumination both in day and night is done by this device.

Needle free diabetes check-ups

diabetes check-ups

Since diabetes is a disorder in which frequent blood test for glucose levels is required with continuous monitoring and regular use of insulin injections, pricks become regular. A patch is being designed to prevent these pokes in body via a transdermal sensor assessing blood analytics below skin without withdrawal of blood. A monitor is also attached which has alarming sounds for change in levels of glucose.

Along with the above technologies, there are several other developments in health sector which has lead to precise diagnosis and accurate treatment procedures and has made technology a vital part of health industry.