History of Game Hacks and Cheating


We play video games since we were children and identifying hacks and  cheat codes for games to get  highest score or to cross a  tough level  has been a part of the game since we remember playing with them. But we never actually wondered when and how did cheating codes become such a essential part of the gaming world and from how long does this exist?If we go back too far in the past we won’t find the existence or need of such hacks or cheats but in the past decade this market has grown so much. All the famous games have equal demand for cheat codes, like the GTA hacks, golf clash cheats, etc. The reason and motivation behind these cheats are surprising though.

Thestory behind first cheat codes is equally interesting. But first the question that arises why the need of cheat codes arise and who developed them. The answer is simple that the developers of the game themselveswere the developers of the cheat codes. But why did developers want players to cheat, why did they allow and promote cheating their games.

The reason was that it took huge time and energy as well as efforts for developers to create codes and develop the process. There are endless repetition of testing, tweaking, reviewing, etc. This is why developers want gamers to skip the levels instantly or defeat the final villain fast or may be run the whole level of an infinite levels or health. By this the developers got to test the specific details and parameters and they didn’t even have to waste any time.

These cheat codes were generally designed for the final version of the games as it was a great trouble to take them out. And it took no time for gamers to find them and to know how powerful they were. The act the developers did to facilitate their development part was now out with players with help of which they were using to beat leaderboard records and cross levels easily. And in 1990s gamers were clear about the ways to beat a game. One being the traditional way of playing the game which was overtaken by the second way i.e., by getting the hacks and cheat codes.

For many years in the 1990s, cheat codes became as important part of the game as the game themselves. Many magazines started to come out and got sold easily as they promised to reveal all the latest codes and hacks for the new games. Various products started to enter the markets which were completely dedicated to cheating in the games like Game Genie cartridge. Even developers started to enjoy creating the cheats and started to make them the core part of the game play.

But like all markets which starts to flourish, even the “cheat” industry started facing competition and the market started filling with new competitors. Even the video game developers faced combat. This also made one more thing to get noticed, that the video games were loosing their quality and the experience they were providing earlier, was being compromised. Games started to become lengthy and became more complex with every ne level up gradation. Even the video game makers changed, the old makers were replaced by the new ones. These young gamers were not like the old  cheat-chappy programmers, they were enthusiastic developers  who had great ideas and they didn’t want to waste time in programming. They wanted to create something better. Thus, they came up with software which was advanced and they were now immune to the cheat codes. Due to these advanced software’s the cheat industry got completely erased of.

But this doesn’t mean that now the games are played without any hacks or Cheats. Ask any GTA player they would tell you how many hacks they still use. But now these hacks and cheat codes have become eclectic. This had to be done as even the gamers have changed and even they don’t believe in the old ways. The traditional cheating codes got replaced by Easter eggs, little secrets for dedicated players to search for these codes.

These are not the only alternatives for getting cheat codes. Todays developers themselvesdo not reveal or express the cheat codes  as that will end up in reduction of their profits, and todays generation is focused in tapping revenue. The cheat codes are not as easily available as earlier. Some famous games like GTA hacks and Golf Clash cheats, still are famous among gamers. While the hacks for new games designed in a way to protwct the brands thatthese cheats and hacks work only on illegally downloaded files.

A step by step guide to help you Activate Windows-7


Activate Windows-7

Windows is an OS that is designed to self activate at the time of installation. In some cases, if there are issues with your system then you may have to perform it manually. At the time of activation, Windows will check automatically if you are not sharing your system files with any other computer. This is to prevent its privacy. So if you are looking for best Activators for Windows 7 you are at the right place!

1 Start button – The first step is to click the start option from the windows. Now you have to make the selection of properties by using Right click. You can also select clicking “Win” and “Pause” options.

2 Activation Windows – Next step you have to do is to perform Activation Windows task. In general the software is designed to perform all tasks on its own. It will automatically try and detect the active internet connection. On detecting, you will be able to make the selection of Online Activate Windows options. In case not, then you have to rectify with your internet connection.

3 Windows product key – Next step is to provide with Windows 7 product key code. It is 25 character numeric code that has to be copy paste in the space provided. You may also find it tagged at the base of your desktop or laptop by manufacturers. In case not then look around for product software.

• The moment you download the Windows 7 from internet, then the product code is sent via confirmation email.
• In case not then it is advisable to invest money in new Windows 7 software.

4Activation process – Now you have to select Next option from the screen. The Activator for Windows 7 program may take few seconds to complete the procedure as files have to be installed on your system. Once done you shall be sent with a confirmation message. In order to run you just need to double-click the notification sent. Last you only have to enable Windows from the dropbox.

5 Automated Activation system – This feature will enable you to activate Windows using your telephone. You just have to look around for enabling Telephone Activation option. You may have to provide with Admin password in the space. You may have to call on the numbers provided for getting your ID.

• On your mobile phone you shall be guided by an automated system for installation procedure. You just have to follow all instructions provided.

Once all instruction followed the Windows 7 will be installed automatically.